About Us

Thanks for visiting a RightBiz Enterprises WordPress Network site. This WP Network consists of centrally administered subdomains that are individually mapped to a relevant expired top-level domain. This helps to more easily manage the network of sites.

The primary focus of this network of sites will be on web and software related technologies, as well as pc and Internet security.

My background includes about a year working as a computer technician and I’ve also personally refurbished over 100 PC’s, about 30 older Apple Mac’s and installed Linux based OS’s onto about 50 older computers for eventual sale. I’ve also completed several Information Technology courses at local colleges on computer networking and web technologies.

So this Network is more a labour of love for me than anything else and I hope to bring you content that is useful and up to date. Though I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, so if you find a lot of republished PLR articles and Product reviews from third parties, don’t expect me to rewrite them, unless they need to be rewritten to improve them. As long as an article is well written and provides quality information, then you will find them here. My main aim with republishing third party content is quality, not originality.

I’d also like to make it clear that it seems to me, unethical to rewrite any well written third party product review as if I had personally reviewed the product. I will not put my name to any product review, unless of course, I’ve actually tested and like the product. But will include affiliate links on my own and third party articles/reviews to help support the cost of running this network. If any content does appear to be misleading to you, then feel free to make a comment under the article/review for others to see.

If you like what you see on this network, you can also keep up to date of new postings through subscribing either your email or via the RSS Feed in your favourite RSS aggregator.

Thanks for reading.

Stanley E Kennedy