Making a Moat: Matt Barrie Pulls out all the Stops

Liquid Web WW

Tech entrepreneur & top global influencer Matt Barrie reveals how to build a moat around your business and why he believes exact match domain names are integral to strategy.

Matt calls the domain industry a phenomenal, fertile industry and reviews's recent report on Alternative Investing: A Comparison Between Traditional Instruments & Web Domains.

If you're developing business strategy, maximizing marketing budget, or curious about domain investment, you want to hear one of the smartest - and most engaging - successful tech entrepreneurs today!

ICA Webinar: GDPR Compliant Whois Access Model

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA), a trade organization advocating for the rights and interests of domain name owners and related service providers, shares an eduational webinar, featuring Michael Palage and Frank Cona's proposal for a WhoIs access that is GDPR compliant.

Escrow Insights: Building the Future – with Matt Barrie

Tech entrepreneur and top global influencer Matt Barrie specifically discusses his acquisition of and his strategy in business acquisitions in general. Plus, we learn so much about what he sees in the domain industry behind the scenes at Escrow.

Matt is one of the most brilliant and voluble business minds today, so this interview is just jam packed with commentary about best approaches for entrepreneurs.

Bonus: We discuss's 2 recent reports. 1. Alternative Investing: A Comparison Between Traditional Instruments & Web Domains 2. Domain Investment Index, beginning with this one in Q1 2019. We get in depth with Matt reviewing factors influencing current domain name prices and so much more!

If you're involved in business acquisitions or interested in the domain industry whatsoever, you want to hear one of the smartest - and most engaging - successful tech entrepreneurs ever!

Utilizing a Premium Domain for a Rebranding Statement:

Startup founder Fletcher Richman walks through how BubbleIQ decided to expand their product offering and make a statement via a premium domain rebrand to

If you're involved with a startup that is expanding its product offering or customer base, acquiring a premium domain, or working through decisions on investment capital, you will benefit from today's show!

Domain Handicapping the Europe 2019 NamesCon Auction

Take Control of Your Domain Names

Two of the top global minds in domain name values handicap the upcoming Europe 2019 NamesCon Auction. Monte Cahn and Andrew Rosener review the domains and discuss what will sell, what you should keep an eye on, and some of how the auctions work behind the scenes.

Any domain name investor or company who plans to acquire a domain in 2019 will benefit from today's show.

DomainSherpa Review – June 10:,,

What do successful domain name investors think when they value domain names?

In this show:
• We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
• An investor's portfolio is appraised:,,
• Get your bids in soon for,,• Plus, much more!

We're joined by Hobi Michalec, Joe Uddeme and Andrew Rosener.