Behind the keyword: GET


Many times when a new company cannot get their official corporate name as a .com, they go with the prefix GET. We have watched the recent move by Supply to move from to

I pointed out in some of the online discussions that another company does the exact opposite for their online identity. Roman the digital health company was unable to get due to the domain being owned by a company involved in gifts and accessories since 1963.

So Roman uses in all their marketing including television spots. They do own but forward it to

Josh Reason pointed out in his sales thread at Namepros for that he recently sold for a little over $3,000. That sale is currently not reported to Namebio so will not factor into the sales data I have posted below.

There have been 396 reported Get as prefix sales on Namebio. These sales total $762,000 in sales.

Top Get sales

The highest being for $75,000. Interestingly this just sits as a parked domain name. is the third highest at $23,306 and it does not resolve to a website.

The thing we notice from the top get related sales is that they are not get and a company name, they are more with common generic word, that people naturally want to “get” like cash or jobs or ahead. now forwards to, the best Get name out there.

*Data courtesy of Namebio

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