Beware of the Cyber Squatters

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Your domain name could be stolen or given up to the evil entity known as the Cyber squatters whose main mission is to steal your web identity and this is how they do it. They could register, and do the same thing with, therefore contacting you and try to sell you those names at advanced prices. If that doesn’t work, then the following events could happen.

They will allow your competitor to get a domain that sounds like yours, and allow him to cause confusion or try to steal your hard-earned traffic, business and clients.

Take these steps right now to halt the cyber squatters.

When registering your initial domain name, look at the availability of other Generic gTLD’s names such as .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info, as well as the specific Country Code ccTLD’s if you operate your business in a country other than the USA. Domain names are usually very cheap and it’s worth spending the money to protect your business from potential Cyber Squatters

Don’t let cyber squatters shake you down and ruin what you have built up on the net. Get the Domains similar or like names to your main domain name!