Cash for Scents – How To Make And Sell Your Own Perfume

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medley 250 - Cash for Scents - How To Make And Sell Your Own PerfumeLearn how to start your own Perfume making business with this ebook and audio package. The ebook is a quick read at 24 pages or you can listen to the audio recording if you prefer.

Here is just a taste of what you will learn inside this guide….

* What can perfume be made from? This chapter focuses on some of the unique ingredients involved in making perfume…can you guess which kind of alcohol we recommend?

* What kind of supplies will be needed, and where can you get them? You might be surprised to find out just how accessible the supplies really are. Not nearly as extravagant and posh as you might imagine!

* Simple recipes that even a beginner can pick up right away. Its easy to get started IF you have the right direction. The simplicity of recipes in this guide is amazing…if you know how long they should simmer…

* What is the link between perfumes and aroma therapy? Not only can you smell great, you can also FEEL great with the right perfume. Its all explained, including some easy to follow instructions for recipes that beginners can try out.

* Plus a whole lot more!

All for only $3.75