Founder of Squadhelp interviewed at Inc


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Darpan Munjal is the founder of Squadhelp, a company that helps people name their business. The naming platform has become very popular over the last year at Namepros with many members submitting names there. For the 2nd Time, has made the Inc. 500, Ranking No. 274

Mr. Munjal was interviewed for the upcoming issue of Inc. and provides some insight into how he started Squadhelp.

From the article:

I soon knew I needed a controlled platform on which competition and cash awards would incentivize people to submit high-quality names. I registered the domain and spent several months building the platform. Then, in late 2011, after I’d left Kaplan, I launched the website. One of the first contests on the site gave me the name for the e-commerce company I co-founded in 2012––and which operated until 2016.

How much does it cost?

Our naming competitions start at $199, and our logo design competitions start at $299. Also, there are three additional contest level that each offer more features and benefits. See our Pricing Page for details.

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