Mobile Marketing Solutions

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Are you looking for information on how to take advantage of mobile marketing? Have you considered mobile App marketing? If not, or if you’ve never heard of using mobile apps as an effective mobile marketing solution, please read on. Apps offer businesses an incredible opportunity to market their business to a quickly expanding mobile market.

So, why use mobile Apps as part of your mobile marketing solution?

One of the most significant features of apps, compared to a simple mobile website alone, is they come with features that help you get your company’s message to a broad spectrum of users (and potential customers) and generally, it’s all for free.

For example, one feature you want to become familiar with is push notifications. These are text messages that can be sent via your App letting you promote your products and services, absolutely free. You can also let those who have added the App to their phone know about certain discounts or time-sensitive offers. Because the user has agreed to accept to receive such notifications, you can expect a high open rate. While SMS text messaging is similar in many ways, and can be just as effective, push notifications don’t cost you a penny while each SMS text generally costs you per message sent.

Another important feature associated with having your own App is the ability to have your message go viral. If your App user likes your message, discount, or special offer, they may send your message out to their friends and family, post on Twitter or Facebook, and so on. You can begin to see the huge potential of this type of marketing. Getting your App built will initially cost you money but the more people who add your App to their phone, you’ll be able to grow your prospect and customer base sometimes very quickly. Being able to communicate with your App users can really give your business the boost it needs to grow and become more and more profitable without necessarily spending more in the process.

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