ICANN Takes DNS Discussions to the 14th Internet Governance Forum

The Fourteenth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is taking place in Berlin, Germany, from 25 to 29 November 2019. Members of the ICANN Community, Board, and organization will participate in the event, hosted by the Government of Germany at Estrel Congress Center. This year's theme, "One World. One Net. One Vision." intersects with our own long-standing motto: One World, One Internet.

ICANN will engage in a number of discussions over the course of the meeting, either as session participants or through ICANN-organized sessions. Within the three sub-themes of the forum, namely data governance, digital inclusion, and security, stability and resiliency, ICANN will focus on several important topics in the pursuit to bring the next billion people online. These topics include governance and how we can participate in discussions on smart regulation initiative; security and stability of the Domain Name System; and how Universal Acceptance is a key enabler for broader global accessibility to the Internet.

ICANN will hold three scheduled sessions:

Date Session Time (UTC +1) Location
25 November Workshop - The Evolving Ecosystem: ICANN's Role in the Security and Stability of the Internet 15:05 - 16:35 Raum II
26 November Open Forum: DNS, Threats and Opportunities 10:45 - 11:45 Convention Hall I - C
28 November Workshop - Online Identity in the Multilingual Domain Name Space 11:05 - 12:35 Raum III

At our now-customary Open Forum, we will look at recent threats to the Internet's stability and security. We will also discuss our initiative to track legislation and regulations that could impact our collective ability to foster an open, secure, and single Internet. During this interactive session, participants can engage in an open dialogue and exchange views with ICANN's leadership on this critical topic.

In the workshop "The Evolving Ecosystem: ICANN's role in the Security and Stability of the Internet", we will explore our role in furthering the stability and security of the Domain Name System (DNS) and talk about how we engage with our partners to fulfill this goal. The "Online Identity in the Multilingual Domain Name Space" workshop will focus on Universal Acceptance to foster digital inclusion and showcase examples of successfully addressing it.

ICANN is also co-hosting a reception with our Technical Community partners on Tuesday evening.

In addition, ICANN community members will participate or host other workshops and sessions. To see the full schedule, click here.

We look forward to participating in this year's IGF and engaging in discussions with our stakeholders from around the world.

Please visit our booth in Foyer 3 at the IGF Village. This year's event will be paperless; you will find many useful materials by clicking here.

See you soon in Berlin!

Brandable domain name sales week 46: GymMaster.com, Eyek.com, BitcoinCapital.com

Domain name investor AbdulBasit is leading the chart this week with the $15,000 sale of GymMaster.com. He shared the following details at his blog: “Got $13,500 opening offer via Afternic broker. The listed price was $19,888 BIN. After going back and forth several times with the broker, we finally closed the deal for $15,000”.

An interesting takeaway from his blog post is that he sells more domains via Afternic at the moment despite the fact that his entire portfolio is pointed to Uniregistry landing pages.

Here’s this weeks list:

Domain NamePriceWhere

Please do keep in mind that these are the highest sales that have been reported at NameBio et al. This list is meant to help give you insights and is nowhere near complete as many sales are kept private and many major marketplaces do not report their sales. Some domain name sales might not have been paid for yet.

Meanwhile, here are some domains at auction that we like:

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How to identify your domains target audience

Today: U8XS.com sold for $4,300 / The best excel domain portfolio format / LLLL .com wanted – Budget: Up to $500.00 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Looking for domains with a domain authority of [DA40+] – Budget: Up to $150.00 ea. – If you have any domain names with a DA (Domain authority) score of more than forty, this buyer might want to help you liquidate it. Take a look at their guideline.

Powerhouse.tv – With all the .tv ccTLD sales reports happening, do toy think that this .tv ccTLD has about the same potential in today’s market? How much would you evaluate this domain name for?

LLLL .com wanted – Budget: Up to $500.00 – Be sure to check your portfolio for one of these four-letter .com domains if you are looking to liquidate for some fast cash this weekend.

The best excel domain portfolio format – If you use excel for you domain name portfolio, what have you found the best format to be? Take a peek at what excel format some domain name investors use for their portfolio.

U8XS.com sold for $4,300 – That’s not a bad domain name sales report for a letter, number, letter, letter, .com domain for a mid-four-figures. Do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

How to identify your domains target audience – Have you ever thought you were pitching the right audience just to find out later that the reason you didn’t make any sales was because you were targeting the wrong audience? Take a look at what some domain investors are saying about it.

Today’s Marketplace/Auction Picks:

Popular YouTuber visits Tuvalu, the home of .TV, and the least visited country in the world…

Most people don’t know that .TV doesn’t really stand for TV, it actually is something called a ccTLD which stands for Country Code Top Level Domain. If you ever go to Italy you might see .IT everywhere, in Spain it will be hard to miss .ES…and well Tuvalu is a tiny island with literally no tourism, so you won’t see .TV everywhere there.

Some ccTLDs have decided to brand themselves as a generic domain name extension and .TV is a great example of where expanding beyond the country means getting a lot more registrations than they otherwise would.

One of my favorite You Tube Channels is Yes Theory, if you’ve never seen any of their videos – they’re hilarious. They recently set out to visit the least visited country in the world which they determined was, you guessed it – Tuvalu.

If you’ve ever wondered – what the heck is Tuvalu like? This should answer that question, and like most things Yes Theory does, it’s a lot of fun to watch either way. Enjoy!

Dae.com closes at $126,000


After extended bidding DAE.com closed at $126,000 on GoDaddy auctions.

The domain is registered at GoDaddy, so it cannot be renewed or transferred out. A 24 year old domain name that was owned by Dae Advertising out of San Francisco for many years.

Now we will see if it gets paid at the closing price or if there are any price adjustments.

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DomainSherpa Review – Nov 18: ClickTracker.com, Keeto.com, Supercharge.com

What do successful domain name investors think when they value domain names?

In this show:
• We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently: ClickTracker.com, Keeto.com, Supercharge.com
• An investor's portfolio is appraised: BondReport.com, HealthPlanMarket.com, VitaminMate.com...
• Get your bids in soon for VIPs.com, PS.org, DareToDream.com...• Plus, much more!

We're joined by Michael Cyger, Shane Cultra, and Andrew Rosener.


A look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the domain auction list posted on November 17, 2019.

If there is an asterisk (*) next to a price, it means that the name was at auction from a private seller (rather than an expiring name) and may have had a reserve.  I’m only showing where the price was when the domain auction ended, but the name may not have sold if a reserve was in place.

Other Names at Auction

TradingCareer.com A lot of people dream of trading for a living. Not a crazy good name but not terrible at under $100

No bids with 3 days left

Woobl.com A company doing an estimated $8.5 million in sales is on the dot net

At $79 with 4 days left

4-5.com These are way undervalued if you buy them for scarcity. I don’t

At $1,200 with 4 days left

Legit.io None of you jumped on this one. Might be a little too high for most

At $5,000 with 3 days left

GoDaddy Names at Auction

Click Here if you are unable to see the table of GoDaddy results, because you are viewing via the RSS feed.

Namejet Names at Auction

The 5N.com sales are getting boring to watch as clear prices have been set based on numbers and patterns. I’ll skip any 5N sales until something changes.

Arriving.com $2,647
OffAndOn.com $1,722
GolfServices.com $1,356
ispcon.com $778
8design.com $679
HoopHouse.com $666
dsjs.com $610
PleasureMe.com $595
fbgc.com $527
rxwc.com $500

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Don’t Shoot for the Moon

Rob Monster of Epik recently started an interesting discussion over at NamePros about “shooting the moon” when selling your domains. Basically the premise was that you don’t know how much the buyer would be willing to pay, so you might as well ask for an astronomical number and see what happens. After all, you can’t get a high price if you don’t ask… right? Plus you can always offer a lease as a cheaper alternative, or you can walk your price back down. For 99.99% of you this is terrible advice. Why? […]

216 Domain Discoveries for November 18th

Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you can buy that have sold in the past. Sale history, like the age of a domain name, is a great proxy for quality to help the cream rise to the top. Today’s list has 216 domains for sale with history. […]

$116k in Sales on November 17th – HonestlyHealthyFood.com sold for $7,800 – Daily Market Report

GoDaddy had the top four sales yesterday led by HonestlyHealthyFood.com which sold for $7,800. NameBio recorded 248 sales $100+ for a total of $99,536 with an average sale price of $401. Compared to the previous day there was a decrease of 22% in the number of sales and the total dollar amount decreased by 39%. We also recorded an additional 758 sales below $100 for a total of $16,660. […]