PIR Rebrands With The New .ORG

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It’s been a year in the making, and now Public Interest Registry has rebranded as The New .ORG, giving it a fresh new look “with a new, bold visual identity.”

Instead of being publicly known as Public Interest Registry or using the pir.org domain name, the public face is now a bold .ORG as well as new visual identities for PIR, .ong and .ngo. The rebranding also goes across all of PIR’s social media channels, marketing campaigns, across our registrar network, and everywhere that .ORG lives.

The move makes a lot of sense as apart from .com, most legacy gTLDs, and many ccTLDs, have struggled for growth in the post-new gTLD world. For .org, registrations have dropped from 10.4 million in mid-2017 to 10.0 million in mid-2019 according to Verisign’s Domain Name Industry Brief. For .net, the only legacy gTLD apart from .com with more registrations, the decline has been even greater, dropping from 15.1 million to 13.6 million in the same period.

The new logo—with “ORG” encircled in a vibrant royal blue sphere—reflects the brand’s impact worldwide according to the announcement. The open “ORG” lettering on either side of the sphere signals that .ORG is an open domain for anyone; it serves as a powerful and inclusive global connector. The logo uses a deep royal blue, evoking feelings of trust, security, and reliability that reflect .ORG’s long-standing reputation. The design also allows the colour to be exchanged for photography and video, so .ORG can tell visual stories through the lens of the logo.

The logo for PIR and the .NGO/.ONG extensions—exclusive domains serving non-governmental organisations—also underwent a visual refresh. The new visual identities of PIR and .NGO/.ONG mirror that of .ORG, but with different colour designations: turquoise and green respectively.

PIR explain they selected the primary colours very purposefully:

  • .ORG royal blue evokes feelings of trust, security, and reliability that reflect .ORG’s long-standing reputation.
  • PIR turquoise represents the strength and integrity of PIR as a trusted registry.
  • .NGO/.ONG green underscores the focus within the NGO community on forward progress, sustainability and social responsibility.

But the logo doesn’t stop there. PIR explains the design also allows the colour to be exchanged for photography and video, so .ORG can tell visual stories through the lens of the logo. As such, they also developed a photography suite that is varied, worldly, and reflective of the diverse passions of the .ORG community.

According to the announcement, the new brand launch is just the beginning of a bright and transformative journey ahead. PIR want to let people know that .ORG is the trusted open domain of choice to power their ideas and connect with others. Through 2019 and well into 2020, the .ORG brand along with stories about the exceptional people and organisations in the .ORG community will be shared with the world. PIR hopes that others will be inspired to start their own .ORG stories to make the world a better place.

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