actually closed at $34,500 not $61,500

At the beginning of July the domain auction for closed at $61,500 on GoDaddy auctions. This auction did close and the name moved from Enom to GoDaddy. The price paid was $34,500.

The new owners have a basic website up currently. It looks like they are going to try to follow in the footsteps of the old site and give people the chance to get paid to write reviews. Right now there is just some mention of it with no details to exactly when the paid reviews will start on

Lynn Terry from published an article years ago on how the site worked at the time.

From the article:

How It Works

Once your blog is approved at ReviewMe, a value is assigned to your reviews. You are actually paid 50% of this rate – so with a value of $100, I will earn $50 for each review that I select and post on my blog.

I took the first (and most obvious) Review Opportunity that was available, which was to review the ReviewMe site itself. This, of course, being my review (that you are reading now). Quite honestly, I would have shared all of these same details with you once I signed up and tested the system anyway… which is what I love most about these blogging opps.

So for the record, I’ll earn $50 for this review – though you can rest assured that I am sharing my honest opinion with you. If they werent worth working with, I wouldnt waste my time ? .

Taking this first Review Opp gave me the opportunity to test out the system and see how they operate. I have to admit… it’s very smooth. Once I accepted the ‘opp’, I was given 48 hours to complete the review and post it to my blog – and then log in to the system to confirm completion.

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