Sedo unveils new sales landers but is it a little too late?

So with so much talk and innovation coming out of the likes of DAN, Epik and Efty when it comes to sales landers, Sedo has finally added something new to their offerings.

Today they announced new sales landers, Sedo said the following:

Overall, we’ve worked to create a minimalistic design making the sole focus of this landing page layout to aid the sale of the domains being offered.

What we deemed necessary for a more efficient sales landing page:

  • Navigation, account features, and even the search bar within the header area as you know from the general Sedo Offer Details Page have been removed. The Sedo logo is the only thing remaining in the header area. This page is just about your domain.
  • The Legal fine print has a smaller font size and combined with a lighter text color it is less distracting, but still readable.
  • On the contrary, the font size of the “For sale” information is much bigger to attract visitors’ attention.
  • The size of “Make Offer”/“Buy Now” buttons were increased to a larger width and now are highlighted in a green color making them stand out better from the neutral background.
  • We implemented a Trustpilot widget, which displays the positive Sedo-rating status. This boosts confidence in Sedo as a trustworthy business partner and marketplace, thus also increasing the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) for your domain offer.

The Sales Landing Page is responsive, fast and consistent for all domains listed at Sedo for Buy Now and Make Offer. If you want to see a live version from your own device, just visit

Here is a look,

Sedo new sales landers

So what do you think? Personally I think it’s nice they made an effort but they have a long way to go to catch up with DAN, Epik and Efty.

There was a question on Namepros that raises a good point, “Can we add analytics for the traffic visiting? If not, its worthless to me. Just about every other place allows us to see what traffic is coming to our landers.”

I would imagine Sedo will still provide traffic stats like on parked pages but I don’t know yet.

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