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How Filters Speak to the Differences Between Snapchat and Instagram - How Filters Speak to the Differences Between Snapchat and Instagram

How Filters Speak to the Differences Between Snapchat and Instagram

When we compare different social media channels, we will often compare them on the basis of their content and their functionality. We think of Instagram as the ‘photo’ social network for instance, Pinterest is the ‘mood board’ social network and Facebook is something you use primarily for chatting with friends you know in the real-world.…

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instagram marketing 6 - Build Brand Awareness With Instagram

Build Brand Awareness With Instagram

After the past several algorithm changes from Google that effectively wiped out thousands of websites, people are paying attention more and more to what will make Google happy when it comes to optimizing websites now and in the future. Content is still king for the most part but it’s never been more important to consider…

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instagram marketing 2 - Using Instagram to Promote Your Business

Using Instagram to Promote Your Business

If you’ve been paying attention to how SEO anytime the past year or so, you’ll know how important it is to integrate social media in your marketing plans. Actually, it’s not just about search engines but using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to gain exposure, build a following, etc. Social media is extremely powerful…

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instagram marketing 8 - Instagram and Marketing Online

Instagram and Marketing Online

The latest marketing opportunity now available on the internet is that of Instagram. Although still very much in its early stages, Instagram has taken off with such incredible pace, so it can only be beneficial to find out what exactly Instagram and internet marketing actually is. With well over 80 million users Instagram it has…

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instagram 1 220x220 - Instagram and Internet Marketing

Instagram and Internet Marketing

In today’s internet marketing landscape, there are a plethora of opportunities to expand your brand awareness. Social media has allowed businesses of all sizes an almost even playing ground to spread their message. However, it can also become a bit overwhelming to small businesses, in particular solo marketers. Trying to keep up with Facebook this,…

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instagram 2 220x220 - What Is Instagram?

What Is Instagram?

In a nutshell Instagram is a fun way to take photos and share them with friends and followers online. All you need is a mobile handset and an Instagram account and you can upload and edit your photos ready for sharing on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Since its launch in…

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