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What Makes A Successful Shopify Store

Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones have greatly changed the shopping process and the path to purchase. These days, you can buy anything from a pizza to your own private island right from the comfort of your favorite chair. Due to this simplicity, new online shops are constantly popping up that cater to different customer segments. It seems so easy to set up an online shop; just combine a domain, good hosting, content management system and theme, and you’re all set. Online stores can be cheaper to run and manage […]

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How To Find Hot Products For Your Shopify Store

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Dropshipping businesses, like Shopify, is mostly based on impulse buying. You promote a product on social media, usually through Facebook Ads, and someone will purchase it if they liked the product. In fact, anything can sell if displayed properly. This business model comes with pros and cons. The major pros are the convenience, low start up capital and freedom to experiment with products to sell. The biggest con with dropshipping, however, is having less control over the entire fulfillment process. When it comes to dropshipping, though, the […]

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