Navigating Appraised Value vs Market Value of Your Domain

Listen to a panel of top global experts discuss determining the appraised value of your assets as you hold your domain name assets. Separately, they discuss determining the monetization value: both in what you can draw from the held asset, and what you can expect the market to actually bear at the time of sale.

Ammar Kubba, Joe Styler, Andrew Rosener & Morgan Linton join Braden Pollock at NamesCon Europe for an informative conversation.

Hear why you need to understand what role the ICA plays for you, and then hear meaningful debate and essential concordance on key factors that affect domain name value.

Domain Handicapping the Europe 2019 NamesCon Auction

Two of the top global minds in domain name values handicap the upcoming Europe 2019 NamesCon Auction. Monte Cahn and Andrew Rosener review the domains and discuss what will sell, what you should keep an eye on, and some of how the auctions work behind the scenes.

Any domain name investor or company who plans to acquire a domain in 2019 will benefit from today's show.