How to Profit from Helping Others Sell Domain Names

Take Control of Your Domain Names

Have you recently tried domain name flipping and did you like the results? If you were able to purchase a $10 domain name and resell it for $1,000, you made a good profit. You may want to continue buying and flipping domain names. Go ahead and do so, but why not use your talent to help others?

When most hear that they can use their talents to help others profit from domain flipping, confusion is the first thought to set in. “Why on earth would I help someone make money when I can do it myself?” is what most people say. Yes, this is a good point, but there are many factors to take into consideration.

Parked domains are domain names that are purchased, but unused. There are thousands of parked domains on the internet. Professionals will use a monetization program, such as pay-per-click advertising, but others will just sit unused. These websites show a “page not found,” or a “this website is under construction,” message. In those cases, the domain owner doesn’t know what to do with their domain name. They may have wanted to use it, but changed their mind. Most just wait for it to expire, but that is a huge mistake.

As a professional, you know that domain names are in high demand. It seems like most good ones are taken. That is why business owners and webmasters pay top dollar for them. It is common for a good domain name to sell for $1,000 and up. With unregistered domains selling for an average of $10, that is a quite the profit. But, remember that most novice internet users do not know they can sell a domain name or even how to do so; that is where you come in.

If you have a talent for selling domain names, create a website. That website will be used to sell your service. It is important to outline your business and what you do. That is helping domain name owners sell their names for a profit. Make it known that people can buy domain names and flip them or sell ones they currently own. If you have proof that you have flipped a domain for a profit, show it to build trust. Internet marketing will help prospective buyers see your website.

Although a good internet marketing campaign will help internet users and prospective buyers find your website, you need to do more. You need to generate sales yourself. If you want to assist others with the flipping of domain names, this is something you need to be good at. Perform a WHOIS search to find the owner of unused parked domains. Offer your services. Explain that you will only retain a small percentage of the sale. So, not only do you make money, but they do too.

Offering your assistance as a professional domain flipper isn’t enough; you need to produce results. If you want repeat clients or a good reputation, do the job and right. Don’t just list a domain name for sale on a third party website. After all, the original owner could have done this. Find clients for the domain name. Does a client have a domain name that is If so, contact used car dealerships in Los Angeles.

Anyone can make money as a domain name broker, but it takes hard work, drive, and determination to profit from it.

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Five Reasons to Try Domain Name Flipping

Are you looking for an easy way to make money online? A quick search online will show you that you do have many options. Yes, each of these options are worth the try, but you should push domain name flipping to the top of your list. Why? Five reasons why domain name flipping is a moneymaking opportunity that all should try are outlined below.

1 – It Is Easy

Domain name flipping is a process that involves the buying and reselling of domain names. When a new business owner wants to create a website for their business, they head to the internet to purchase a domain name and web hosting package. If the domain name they want is available, they usually pay less than $10. On the other hand, if their business name and other variations are already used, they may offer to pay more for the name. If you are the current owner, you can make a huge profit.

As previously stated, a person who wants a domain name will pay extra for one that is already in use or parked. Not only can you wait for someone to approach you with a purchase offer, but you can market a for sale domain name. You can do so with third party websites, free online classified ads, and internet marketing forums.

2 – Just About Anyone Can Do It

As previously stated, making money with domain flipping is easy. In fact, it is so easy that just about anyone can make money. There are very few restrictions with this moneymaking opportunity. To purchase a domain name, you must have a credit or debit card. Most websites require buyers to be 18 years of age. If you are a teenager, but want to try this moneymaking opportunity, talk to your parents. Once they see how easy it is to make money with domain name flipping they may not only give you permission, but offer to help.

3 – Low Startup Costs

Unfortunately, many people cannot start their own business or work from home due to high startup costs. Yes, this is true in many cases, but it is important to know that not all moneymaking opportunities have high startup costs. As previously stated, a business owner who wants a domain name that has yet to be registered typically pays $10. This is the same amount you will pay. So, start up costs are low.

In addition to costs in terms of money, look at time. Whether you opt for reading paid emails or taking surveys, a lot of time is required for a relatively small amount of money. This is not the case with domain name flipping. With domain name flipping, you buy a domain name. Next, you either offer it for sale on a third party website or just wait until you receive an offer. Even when listing on a third-party website, you should spend no more than one hour developing your listing.

4 – Can Make Money in the Meantime

As previously stated, it may take time to sell a domain name. If you have a name that you think is truly profitable, wait until it is in demand. When in demand, you get more money. If you opt to sit on a domain name until it is in demand, make money with parking. Many websites, such as SEDO, help you do so. Targeted pay-per-click advertisements will be displayed. When an internet user clicks on an advertisement, you make money.

4 – The Profits

It is rare for someone to not make money on domain name flipping. However, the money made will vary. Do you have a domain name that is about to expire and has yet to sell? If so, lower the asking price. Remember that even a $20 profit is better than a loss.

A $20 profit was only used as an example. If you play your cards right, you can make a huge profit. Individuals who were lucky enough to register a domain name that is also the name of an upcoming movie or a new business can easily make anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 or more!

In terms of profit, the best way to make money through the use of domain name flipping is to flip more than one. The more domain names you sell, the more money you make. Back to the $20 profit on a poorly chosen domain name, even $20 can add up to a significant profit.

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Write better Sales Emails that actually convert

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How to Buy Cheap Domain Names for Resale

Take Control of Your Domain Names

Do you want to make money with domain name flipping? Before you can resell a domain name for a profit, you need to own it. So, what are your buying options?

Web hosting companies. Web hosting companies are known for their sale of web hosting. Often times, when you purchase a hosting package, you get a free domain name. Despite this common sale, individual domain names are sold too. For many, it gives them comfort and peace of mind in knowing they are doing business with a reputable company, such as HostGator.

eBay. is a popular online marketplace. Most internet users use the website to buy clothes, toys, books, and movies. Yes, this is nice, but you may be surprised with what is sold online. Domain names are sold too. You may get a good deal online. Selling domain names on eBay is convenient, but not the most profitable approach. Those selling are likely inexperienced and not aware of other methods of selling. This means you may get a great domain name for a cheap price.

On eBay, you will find domain names available in their famous auction style format or in Buy It Now format. When bidding on a domain name in an auction format, you bid. If you really want to own the domain name, set a maximum bid. With each bid, yours will automatically increase in price until the maximum is reached. This allows you to step away from the computer. Be cautious with Buy It Now listings, as most sellers want more than the domain name is worth.

Domain name listing websites. Domain name listing websites are third party websites that specialize in the selling of domain names. In addition to domain names, other moneymaking opportunities are bought, sold, and traded. It is common to find domain names, turnkey websites, and established websites available for sale.

Domain name listing websites are a great way to get a cheap domain name. This is because many new and inexperienced flippers turn to these websites, like SEDO. The only problem you face is high competition. Professional flippers lie in wait for the opportunity of a lifetime, which is an inexperienced domain owner selling a quality name for only $100. To find cheap domains on listing websites, monitor them closely and often.

Internet marketing forums. Internet marketing forums are popular online. They are where webmasters converge to learn the latest tips and tricks. By staying up-to-date on the latest in internet marketing tactics, webmasters increase their profits. Although these forums are used to share tips and tricks, they are also used to make money. Many online forums have a buy, trade, or sell section. This is where you may find domain names for sale.

Although you can find domain names for sale on an internet marketing forum, they may not be cheap. Internet marketers make money by having knowledge and the ability to research. If an internet marketer is selling a domain name, they have a good idea of its value. It won’t hurt to look, but don’t expect to find a $5 domain name for sale that can flip for $10,000. In the rare event it does occur, it sells in a hurry.

As you can see, there are many ways to find cheap domain names for sale. Your best option is to purchase an unregistered domain name for less than $10, but if faced with a good opportunity that requires more investment, take it.

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How to Convince Someone to Buy Your Domain Name

Do you want to make money flipping domains? Domain name flipping is the process that is used to describe the buying and selling of domain names. The process is so simple that just about anyone can do it. Most flippers opt for a third party listing website such as the Epik Marketplace, but you can easily maximize your profits by convincing someone to buy, but how?

The first step in convincing someone to buy your domain name is to make sure it is worth the money. Never just create a domain name by typing a bunch of letters. Domain names that sell are those that are short, easy to read, make sense, contain a popular keyword or keyword phrase, and those that are in demand. If you just carelessly create domain names, opt for a third party listing website where you may be lucky to make $50. If you are serious about flipping domain names for a large profit, please continue reading on.

As previously stated, you need to have a good domain name to flip. When buying that domain name, first think of someone to sell it to. For example, do you have a lot of plumbers in your area who don’t have online websites? If so, start buying domain names that contain their business name or slight variations of it. When tailoring domain name buying to a specific buyer, it is easier for you to make a profit.

So, you created the domain name of Great, but what is next? If a business is established and has been operating for years, they may not contact you. This is because some feel they do not need a website. Unfortunately, this is a costly mistake. Many consumers are using the internet to find local businesses, including plumbers. This can be a part of your sales pitch.

The first step in convincing someone to buy your for sale domain name is to convenience them that they need a website. When targeting business owners, state the fact that many consumers now use the internet to research local businesses. Say that adding information about the plumbing business and pictures of employees will give consumers peace of mind. They aren’t just hiring anyone to come inside their home. For retail storeowners, emphasize the fact that products can be sold online too.

Once you are able to convince a business owner that they need a website, you need to convince them to purchase your domain name. This can be tricky. For starters, consider business profits. A company that just laid off ten workers, likely isn’t going to be able to pay $50,000 for a domain name. If you created a domain name specifically for the pitch, set the amount at a reasonable price, such as $2,000. If you were able to score an unregistered name for $10, you still make a profit. This is a win win situation for everyone involved.

If you decide to target local business owners and agree to lower your asking price to meet their needs, buy as many domains as possible. To maximize your profits, sell many. Instead of spending 5 days arguing with a business owner to buy your domain name for $50,000, spend one day targeting business a few owners. Even if you sell for $10,000 each, you make the same amount of money and in the same amount of time.

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Making Money with Domains: The Risks

Are you looking for an easy way to make money online? Are you sick of taking “paid,” surveys with only the chance of winning a contest? Are you tired of clicking on paid emails to make less than one penny per email. If so, stop what you are doing now and consider domain names. Making money with domain names is not only easy, but you have many choices.

As mentioned above, it is easy to make money with domain names. You can buy a domain name and park it. This means not use it. However, instead of letting it sit, you monetize it. SEDO and Uniregistry have paid programs for parked domains. You can also flip a domain by buying it and reselling for a profit or, domains can be used the way they were intended to be; by using it to create a moneymaking website.

Now that you know how you can make money, you may be concerned with the risks. All moneymaking opportunities have risk. With paid surveys, you might not get paid. With paid emails, you may get a computer virus. Risks are always present when making money online. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore or fear them. Instead, familiarize yourself with them and stop them from happening.

The biggest risk of making money with domains is losing money. To purchase a domain, you need about $10 and an available, unregistered domain name. In reality, $10 isn’t a lot of money, but it can easily add up. So, proceed with caution. If you only have $50 to invest in domain name flipping, choose your domain names wisely. Opt for a name that is short in length, contains a popular keyword phrase, is easy to remember, easy to understand, and ends in a .com address.

As previously stated, using a domain name is a great way to profit from it. This involves purchasing web hosting. A web hosting plan is needed to add content and moneymaking advertisements from pay-per-click or affiliate programs. To minimize profit losses, opt for a cheap web hosting package. When buying both a domain name and web hosting package, your domain should be offered for free or at a steeply discounted price.

Another risk of making money with domains is time. That includes wasted time and too much time spent trying to make money. If you opt to use a domain name with a website filled with advertisements, you made residual income. This is income generated overtime, but significant profits might not occur for six months or more. If you need money right now or want fast results, opt for domain name flipping.

Domain names need to be renewed. The fact that domain names need to be renewed is not risky, but whether or not you decide to is. For starters, are you waiting to sell a domain until you are approached or when it is in high demand? If so, you could wait two years or more. If a new movie is produced that is similar to your domain name, you could be offered big bucks for it, but the wait may be years. In that time, you need to decide if you want to keep paying the low renewal fee. Is it worth it? Honesty, you never know so that is a risk you must take.

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Five Reasons to Monetize a Parked Domain

Did you purchase a domain name with the intention of staring a website or a blog? If so, did you? Unfortunately, we all have goals that we do not meet. If one of your goals includes a parked domain name, which is not in use, don’t wait any longer. Why waste money by letting your domain name sit unused, but already paid for? The good news is that you can do so without ever creating that website or blog.

So, how can you make money with an unused domain name? By participating in a parking monetization program. A domain name parking monetization program is one in which you are paid for allowing advertisements to be associated with your domain name. When an internet user visited your domain at,, they may have found a “page not found,” or a “this website is under construction,” message. Instead, they will now get targeted advertisements.

You can make money with parked domains. As previously stated, use a program that specializes in generating income for parked domains. SEDO and Uniregistry for Domain Parking are just two of your options. These companies put pay-per-click advertisements on the page associated with your domain name. Each time an ad is clicked, you make money.

You can make money when you sleep. If making money on an unused domain wasn’t enough, you can make money when you sleep. In fact, you can make money doing anything you want. Are you at the park with your kids? Are you working at your full-time job? Are you researching other ways to make money online? It does not matter. Pay-per-click advertisements appear 24/7, meaning they are always there and ready to be clicked on. It is hard to make money doing nothing, but it is easy with a parked domain name.

With a moneymaking program for parked domains, there are no web hosting costs. As previously stated, parked domains use pay-per-click advertisements to make money. A popular pay-per-click program is that of Google AdSense. Google AdSense is best on content filled websites. Content drives internet traffic, including organic visits from search engines. This increases traffic and clicks. So, why not just do that? Because content cannot be displayed on a domain name without a web hosting package. That costs money, about $100 or more a year.

As previously stated, many websites and companies, such as SEDO and Uniregistry will help you monetize a parked domain. You can find more by performing a standard internet search. Programs rarely disclose exactly how you make money, but research online to find those with the best results, lowest payouts, or the best reputation among webmasters.

With domain name parking, you can stop at any time. Not only that, you can stop without losing any money. Did you receive a purchase offer for your domain name or have you decided to sell it? If so, do it. When this sale occurs, your agreement with the pay-per-click program you chose ended. Even with a termination, you should still get all money earned.

As you can see, monetizing a parked domain name has its advantages. It is an easy way to make money. Since you already purchased the domain name and just aren’t using it, there are no further expenses. Unless of course, you see significant profits and want to specialize in monetizing parked domains.

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Building a Domain Sales Website

When it comes to making money with domain names, flipping is often the first to come to mind. Domain name flipping is a great way to make money online. It describes the buying and reselling of domain names. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to profit from this practice. These individuals are inexperienced and uneducated on the subject, so why not make money assisting them?

A unique way to make money with domain names is to build a domain sales website. This is a website where currently owned domains are available for sale. It is an online marketplace. To decide if you should create a domain sales website, familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of doing so.

The biggest pro of operating a domain sales website is that you don’t have to pay to flip domains. If it is your website, you can list your domains for sale. This is ideal if you have a knack for turning a profit. Did you sell a domain name for $10,000? That is great, but not if you had to pay a sales percentage fee that cost $2,000. Why not just keep the money for yourself? When operating a domain sales website, you don’t have to pay a third party to help you sell a domain name.

The next biggest pro of creating a domain name sales website is that you can make money. As previously stated, many new flippers lose money or don’t make enough. This is because they don’t know enough about selling. Convince them you do have expertise by highlighting your past sales. The best performing sales websites are those with many domain names listed and those that are well marketed. Charge a monthly listing fee or take a percentage of each sale.

In terms of setup, a domain sales website is easy to start. In fact, you don’t even need to known HTML. There are many free and affordable site builder programs that can help you get started. To sell a domain name, you need to have a shopping cart. You can opt for credit card payments or just PayPal. With PayPal, set up an account and install a checkout button on your page and you are good to go.

Although there are a number of pros or plus sides to creating your own domain name sales website, there are a number of cons to doing so too. For starters, there is a lot of competition. SEDO is a well-known and trusted website where domain names can be bought and sold. Many internet users turn to this website because they are well-known and proven successful. This doesn’t mean you can’t make money setting up your own domain name sales website, but you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

As previously stated, you need to set yourself apart from other domain name sales websites. How do you do this? With marketing. You need to have a high search engine ranking. If not, buyers and sellers will never find your website. Unfortunately, marketing can be a time consuming process.

On average, it takes between six months and a year for a website or blog to generate income. A strong marketing plan can speed up those earnings, but you will not get rich overnight. For that reason, time and patience is required. Although you cannot make money right away by creating a domain name sales website, it is important to think long-term. If your website averages a profit of $500,000 a year in five years or less, it will be well worth the wait.

As highlighted above, creating a domain name sales website does have its pros and cons. So, should you take the jump? Why not? Just be sure to remember that you have a lot of work ahead of you, but the rewards may pay off in the end. If you have the drive and determination to make money online, anything is possible.

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$6,694 sold for $5,106

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$6,694 sold for $5,106 – That’s not a bad domain name sales report for a eighteen-letter, two-word, .com domain for a mid-four-figures. Do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

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