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linkedin 3 - Spread The Word About Your Business Using LinkedIn

Spread The Word About Your Business Using LinkedIn

With so many powerful social media websites these days, it’s never been easier to connect with so many people even if you’re the only person in your business. If you set up your feeds correctly people can, for example, read on Facebook information about your business based on a Tweet which can lead to a…

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linkedin 2 - Tips For Marketing on LinkedIn

Tips For Marketing on LinkedIn

Before LinkedIn the usual way to network meant attending meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. While this still happens today, you are very limited in the number of people you can network with or contact. However, now with LinkedIn, you can network to technically millions of people, have access to a wider audience, and can do all…

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linkedin 6 - LinkedIn Basic Marketing Blunders

LinkedIn Basic Marketing Blunders

Like me, have you received email invitations like these? I’m using LinkedIn to keep up with my professional contacts and help them with introductions. Since you are one of the people I recommend, I wanted to invite you to access my network on LinkedIn. Basic membership is free, and it takes less than a minute…

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linkedin 8 - Great Tips to LinkedIn Marketing Success

Great Tips to LinkedIn Marketing Success is a social networking website where business owners and professionals gather to develop relationships as well as market their own brands. Marketing on LinkedIn is not like marketing on Twitter of Facebook. However, if done correctly, LinkedIn can be a great place to network with fellow business people to help your business grow. One…

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linkedin 1 - Using LinkedIn to Expand Your Social Media Efforts

Using LinkedIn to Expand Your Social Media Efforts

While LinkedIn is known as a place where business people connect and network, by that very nature it is a social media marketing platform as well. A personal or business entity can use LinkedIn to promote itself as well as make connections with other business people in an attempt to broaden one’s network. Aside from…

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linkedin 220x220 - How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn, like many (if not all) social networks has the potential to drive tons of targeted leads to your website. LinkedIn is about networking with like-minded business professionals and provides a wonderful platform to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t connect with. Due to the networking aspect of its set up and members, it’s the…

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linkedin marketing 220x220 - LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy

LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy

After you sign up with LinkedIn, it’s good to know that your profile is very important because it’s a place where others who would like to connect with you will visit first. Create an interesting profile to attract potential partners or business associates and entice them as well to click links to your web properties…

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social media17 - Using Linked In For Social Networking

Using Linked In For Social Networking

In a world filled with social media sites, Linked In stands apart. Using Linked In for social networking opens up an entire world of contacts that can be used for both personal and business reasons. Like some other sites, this one allows individuals to connect with friends. It also allows one to see the contact…

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