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social media18 - Social Networking Using Video Sharing Sites

Social Networking Using Video Sharing Sites

What better way to produce and display content than through a video. There are numerous video sharing sites that allow you to do this. People can create their videos, upload them to video sharing sites and share them with anyone on social networking sites. Videos can go viral, as users have the ability to rate…

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social media17 - Using Linked In For Social Networking

Using Linked In For Social Networking

In a world filled with social media sites, Linked In stands apart. Using Linked In for social networking opens up an entire world of contacts that can be used for both personal and business reasons. Like some other sites, this one allows individuals to connect with friends. It also allows one to see the contact…

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instagram 2 220x220 - What Is Instagram?

What Is Instagram?

In a nutshell Instagram is a fun way to take photos and share them with friends and followers online. All you need is a mobile handset and an Instagram account and you can upload and edit your photos ready for sharing on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Since its launch in…

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