One domain investor hit the Jackpot twice in the same day

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Domain Investor hits the jackpot twice

The thing about domain sales is they can come fast or they can come slow. The life of a domain investor can be rather lonely at times. Lately some people have been feeling the blues over a sales drought that seems to be lasting months. As Brad Mugford pointed out to this domain investor, it’s the nature of the business and things can come in spurts and then slow down.

One Namepros member just posted that they had two very big sales, both new gtlds. Not in the most popular new gtld extensions either.

New.Life posted:

Domain: New.Work
Price: $38,000 USD
Venue: Uniregistry (BIN)
Commission: $3,800

Hand reg. this domain in 2016 + two renewals of $220
The buyer is: Big german software company with revenue more than 100 Million euros in 2018.
The buyer bought domain for the BIN price without any prior negotiations.


Domain: All.Life
Price: $25,000 USD
Venue: Afternic
Commission: $4000

Got this domain on the first day of general availability in 2015 for $45, plus 3 renewals for $36
Received an automatic price request email from Afternic (the domain had a minimum bid price of $500),
later I got email from Afternic broker. I replied – $25,000 BIN.
The buyer paid the BIN price without any negotiations.
The buyer is: French multi billion dollar corporation, and one of the largest hotel chains in the world, number one in Europe.

This represents the third highest reported .work sale and the highest reported .life sale. Congrats to New.Life.

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What is a Starter Domain Name


With an estimated 550,000 companies started every month globally (6.6 million annually), not every company is going to launch its offering on the best domain name. Some do, most do not.

If you brand as EXAMPLE your main domain name should be EXAMPLE .com. That’s the ultimate goal and the very clear pattern of successful companies today with global ambition.

If you can launch with the best domain name, I’d highly consider doing that, even if you have to purchase the domain name on a payment plan or even offer equity to do it. It’s a wise early investment that you will not have to worry about down the road, it gives you early credibility, plus many premium domain names are assets and can be resold if the company fails.

The majority though, launch a company on what is considered a starter domain.

So what is a starter domain name?

A starter domain name should match your branding but will likely consist of a less popular or known TLD (top-level domain). There are literally hundreds of TLDs.  .co, .ai, .us, .net, .club, .app, .io, .whatever . The problem with most of these TLDs though, is the majority do not know they are domain names when looking at them. .com is everywhere and well known. Interestingly, domain name professionals do not even know many TLDs exist. .kim, .ruhr, .jetzt, .cymru, .tirol, .schule, .archi, .alsace, .abogado and .ieee are likely some TLDs you may have never heard of.

Sometimes starter domain names consist of the popular .com TLD but contain an added word as a prefix or suffix. TheBrand .com or MyBrand .com or GetBrand .com. TryBrand .com or BrandApp .com, BrandBlahBlah .com

Currently, many startups are using .co, .ai, and .io as a default starter domain TLD to exactly match their brand name, without additional terms added to it. Most of these domain names are actually already owned by somebody, so you still should expect to pay a few thousand for a fairly popular term (sometimes even into the five-figure range) in an uncommon but more popular TLD like .co, .ai or .io for an example.

I personally would use a .com domain with a prefix or suffix added on, because the general population will know it’s a domain name and that’s important.

What to avoid with your starter domain/brand?

I consistently see new companies choosing a brand for which there is little chance of acquiring the best .com domain name later on. This is a huge mistake. You should select a brand for which there is a reasonable chance of acquiring the matching .com domain name later.

Branding as “Consider” and using the starter domain name Consider .co is cool and all but you must also be mindful of whether an established company is already running its business on Consider .com. The chances of acquiring the best domain name for your brand later are very small in those circumstances, and the purchase price is going to be very, even if it can be purchased!

Inability to acquire the matching .com puts your brand in a very tight spot and not a fun one to be in. Research the .com domain name and understand your chances of acquiring it later, before you pick your brand name/starter domain.

There are many premium .com domain names owned by individual investors, larger companies, etc. that you should consider the odds if you have the money of acquiring in the near future, e.g. in a year. This still doesn’t guarantee you will be able to acquire the best domain later, but you can highly improve the odds of acquiring the best domain before picking your starter domain.

Avoiding a rebrand is important because once you have the ball rolling, changing brand names is tough and expensive.

Many of the familiar brands today began their journey with a different starter domain, but it's prudent to think ahead and brand with a keyword that you have a very reasonable chance of acquiring as a matching .com domain name in the near future.

Keyword Researcher

225 Domain Discoveries for October 15th

Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you can buy that have sold in the past. Sale history, like the age of a domain name, is a great proxy for quality to help the cream rise to the top. Today’s list has 225 domains for sale with history. […]
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$163k in Sales on October 14th – sold for $11,951 – Daily Market Report

GoDaddy had the top sale of the day for two days in a row, this time it was MiaUKcom which sold for $11,951. NameBio recorded 198 sales $100+ for a total of $145,941 with an average sale price of $737. Compared to the previous day there was an increase of 11% in the number of sales and the total dollar amount increased by 33%. We also recorded an additional 924 sales below $100 for a total of $16,952. […]
Keyword Researcher


I sold a .us yesterday that I didn’t know I still had. I must have had the thing on auto renew. Hopefully some registrar has another 10 cent deal sometime soon. I’d probably buy $10K worth of .us names and sell a ton of them for 200-300 each. If anyone comes across another 10 cent deal let me know.

Click the links for current prices, most links are commissionable and fund the operation.

Main List

The No Bid List

More Names With No Bids

Names With Bids

More Names With No Bids



Your LLLL.coms of The Day

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday

LLL’s, CCC’s, 5L’s


Some Numbers

One Worders and Other TLD’s

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and  VR

Snap Names/DropCatch


Godaddy Value BIN

Godaddy Value BIN

Available Names

Available for Reg Fee big list

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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Almost Half of 20 Most Abused TLDs Are ccTLDs As Newly Detected Botnet C&Cs Reach All Time High: Spamhaus

Spamhaus released their quarterly Botnet Threat Update for the third quarter of 2019 and almost half of the TLDs in their top 20 “most abused top-level domains” were within ccTLD name spaces: .ru (Russia), .pw (Palau), .eu (European Union), .ga (Gabon), .tk (Tokelau), .su (the former Soviet Union), .ml (Mali), .cf (Central African Republic) and .me (Montenegro). There were also a handful of new gTLDs: .top, .xyz, .icu, .name, .live, .site and .club. But the TLD with by far the most abused domains, and also by far the largest, was .com, with 4,058 abusive domain names and around 145 million domains in total while .net was second with 534 fraudulent domains.

During the third quarter the number of fraudulent domain names registered within Russia’s ccTLD .ru almost halved from 731 domains in Q2 to 392 domains in Q3. And 2 more gTLDs joined .com in Q3 in the top 3: .net and .info.

Of the registrars with the most abused domain names on their books, Namecheap easily came out top with 1,034 while the Chinese was second with 375. By country, there were 5 Chinese registrars on the top 20 list, 3 from the United States and 2 each from Russia and Germany.

The highlight, or rather lowlight, of the report from Spamhaus’ point of view was the number of newly detected botnet command & control servers (C&Cs) reached an all-time high in July this year with more than 1,500 botnet C&Cs detected by Spamhaus Malware Labs. This is far in excess of the monthly average, set in the first half of this year, of 1,000 botnet C&Cs.

One of the most notorious botnets called “Emotet”, however, did appear to go on vacation. This botnet went silent for several months, but returned in September with a large scale spam campaign. Emotet, also known as “Heodo”, was a former e-banking Trojan that targeted e-banking customers around the world. In 2018, Emotet ceased it’s e-banking fraud activities and started to offer infected computers on a “Pay-Per-Install” model to other cybercriminals. As of 2019, Emotet is one of the most dangerous botnets and indirectly responsible for a large amount of ransomware campaigns like Ryuk.

The most notable change between Q2 and Q3 Spamhaus observed was TrickBot. They identified a 550% increase in the number of botnet C&Cs that were associated with this malware family. There were additional smaller changes in the malware landscape, with some families dropping out of the charts and others appearing.

Spamhaus observed they continued to see Cloudflare, a US-based content delivery network (CDN) provider, being one of the preferred options by cybercriminals to host botnet C&C servers. This trend has been evident since 2018. Disappointingly, Spamhaus say they’ve still seen no apparent attempts from Cloudflare to battle the ongoing abuse of their network for botnet hosting and other hostile infrastructure. However, as of Q3, Cloudflare got beaten by the Chinese cloud provider Alibaba, by a narrow margin of 4.

There was also a surge in the number of Botnet C&Cs hosted in Russia with a proliferation of botnet C&Cs hosted across various hosting providers in Russia, notably,,, and After a short period of respite, there is once again a trend among cybercriminals moving their infrastructure to Russian Internet service providers.

The Spamhaus Botnet Threat Update: Q3-2019 can be downloaded in full from:

Brandable domain name sales week 41:,,

Liquid Web WW

Short sells. The top 3 brandable sales from last week are all 4-letters with and both bringing in $10,000. was purchased by a financial services startup that cleverly rebranded from Dataminer and was using the domain name.

Here’s this weeks list:

Domain NamePriceWhere$10,000Sedo$10,000Uniregistry$9,716DropCatch$9,500GoDaddy$8,600Uniregistry$8,000GoDaddy$7,000Sedo$6,000Uniregistry$5,000Sedo$5,000Uniregistry$4,888BuyDomains$4,650Sedo$4,500Uniregistry$4,101NameJet$4,000Uniregistry$3,860BuyDomains$3,750GoDaddy$3,750GoDaddy$3,610NamePull$3,600NamePull

Please do keep in mind that these are the highest sales that have been reported at NameBio et al. This list is meant to help give you insights and is nowhere near complete as many sales are kept private and many major marketplaces do not report their sales. Some domain name sales might not have been paid for yet.

Meanwhile, here are some domains at auction that we like:

At NameJet:

At GoDaddy:

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    Future Policy and Outreach Ambassadors to Attend the Third At-Large Summit (ATLAS III)


    Sixty future policy and outreach ambassadors are set to attend the third At-Large Summit (ATLAS III). The event, taking place at ICANN66 in Montréal, Canada, from 4-7 November 2019, aims to equip them with necessary skills to better represent end users.

    These ambassadors were selected after a rigorous application process. Prior to their application, ATLAS III participants were required to complete a series of courses on topics, such as cybersecurity basics and domain names, before being shortlisted for consideration by the ATLAS III Selection Committee.

    Maureen Hilyard, Chair of the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), commented, "These ATLAS III Ambassadors are our future change agents and thought leaders. To be effective in these roles, they must be able to engage effectively in ICANN and At-Large during technical and social changes. This summit aims to nurture and develop the future leaders within the ICANN At-Large Community."

    The summit will consist of a series of plenary sessions and seven breakout groups, incorporating both theory and practical learning sessions. A case study on Phase 1 of the Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data will be used for the training. Current At-Large leaders will serve as coaches and facilitators of the break out sessions. ATLAS III will also include networking events for participants to interact with At-Large members, as well as the ICANN community.

    The final day consists of a wrap-up session and a discussion of post-ATLAS III activities. Post-summit activities will include the establishment of an ATLAS III ambassador program to ensure increased engagement as thought leaders and change agents within At-Large and ICANN. This program will run in parallel with the At-Large Review Implementation Issue 2, which is focused on increasing the engagement of the At-Large Structures (ALSes) and individuals.

    For more on ATLAS III activity, please visit the ATLAS III workspace, ATLAS III website, and the At-Large schedule during ICANN66.

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    Share & Discuss .moe

    Today: sold for $7,500 / Is a mock website a waste of time for a domainer? / Your one word dot com domains / and More…

    Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

    Buying a 4L .com – Budget: Up to $500.00 – Do you have a four-letter .com in your portfolio that you would liquidate for up to $500.00 today in fast spending cash for the weekend? If so, be sure to check out this buyers guideline to see if you have what they need.

    How to respond to a price quote – How would you respond to a price quote like these on your domain names? Is there a better way to help ensure that it will lead to a sale? Take a peak at what some domain investors think.

    Is a mock website a waste of time for a domainer? – Have you ever put up a mock website or page for one of your domain names to be used as a monetized lander? How did that work out for you? Take a peak at what other domain investors are saying about it. sold for $7,500 – That’s not a bad six-letter .com domain name sales report for a high-four-figures. Do your think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

    Your one word dot com domains – Which single-word .com domain names do you own? Are they in the official dictionary? Check out what single-word .com’s other domain investors own and share your best ones.

    Share & Discuss .moe – Do you own any .moe new gTLD’s? What is your best one? Share your best one, discuss the gTLD’s future, and compare notes with other .moe domain investors.

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    Namepros adds metrics to post to provide some new insights into your posts


    Namepros has added a metrics options to their posts. This can be viewed on any post but should be most helpful on sales posts.

    This will give you some data on how many people are watching your sales thread and how many will be alerted when the thread is bumped.

    Namepros offers metrics

    After you click the metrics button you get a pop up

    Namepros Metrics pop up

    This is a great value add by Namepros in my opinion. Any extra insights provides value.

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