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Navigating Your Cpanel and Hosting

online marketing 6 200x200 - Navigating Your Cpanel and Hosting

This is a beginner’s tutorial to using Cpanel to manage your web hosting account. We can’t cover every single thing that Cpanel can do, because it’s just too complex. It’s so complex that many people are afraid to even use it. It can certainly be a bit scary for anyone who hasn’t used it before. Technical people pick it up pretty quickly, but non-technical people usually stick to using only the most basic features to avoid confusing themselves. (Just as a side note: At we use […]

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Web Hosting Basics: Learn More Before You Buy

6 - Web Hosting Basics: Learn More Before You Buy

If you want to get a website online, you need to know how the process works before you dive right in. That means educating yourself on the field of web hosting so that you can make the right decision on which company to use for your own site. Before you sign on the dotted line, read this article to learn all you can. A web host is a company which has a server computer available for your use. You can share that server with other websites, if […]

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Web Hosting: All You Need To Know

7 - Web Hosting: All You Need To Know

Many people realize they need a web host to put their sites online but do not understand exactly what a host does or why they simply cannot do this themselves. This article will address the basics of web hosting and hopefully answer many of the questions you may have. With personal and business websites becoming a must have for people and corporations worldwide, it is important to educate yourself on how hosting works. This will prevent issues down the road when you are ready to unleash your […]

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Learn The Basics About Web Hosts For Your Websites

8 - Learn The Basics About Web Hosts For Your Websites

If you plan to create a website, one of the most important decisions that you have to make is your choice of a web host. The web host is the caretaker of all of your web files. The host manages a web server where your website files and data are stored. The ability of the public being able to see your web content depends entirely on the reliability of your web host and the integrity of the web server. If anything happens to the web server your […]

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Using MySQL in a Hosting Environment

wp2 6 200x200 - Using MySQL in a Hosting Environment

MySQL is a heavy-duty database server. Used with various software languages, most notably PHP, and part of the LAMP family (which is comprised of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), Whether it’s a customer relations management list or medical records, any data you have that needs storing, is stored on a database. You will need a database management system to add, access, edit, and process data in your databases, and MySQL is one of the best and most comprehensive packages on the market. MySQL can also be used […]

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Using Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

wp2 7 200x200 - Using Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

Managed dedicated web hosting is for an individual or company that wants storage and bandwidth without the restrictions that you get by choosing a free web hosting service. If you have a site which you want to have more bells and whistles programmed into it, then managed dedicated hosting is the way to go. Dedicated services give you more email addresses, sometimes up to 500 addresses. It also has storage to support basic database applications on the server side of the web host. This allows for the […]

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Bandwidth Bandits

Files that are loaded to or from servers uses internet bandwidth to push files along the network at various speeds. Every time you upload a file to your ISP, surf the web or use an audio application, you are using bandwidth.  Bandwidth is a bunch of wires or fibers connecting servers to a network. Depending on the grade of the wire it determines how much data is coming across the network where your web-site is hosted. When someone attempts to get more data than can be handled […]

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Putting Your Web Site On The Internet

wp1 2 200x200 - Putting Your Web Site On The Internet

You need a web server to put your web site on the internet. Sometimes, owning and maintaining a web server can cost money and it requires someone who knows what they are doing to maintain the server and the website. A web host can do this for you. They provide equipment and other technical programs that are required to build a customer a website. These hosting companies charge a monthly fee for the service of storing your web site and allowing your web site to be seen […]

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Using cPanel To Manage Your Host Files

wp1 6 200x200 - Using cPanel To Manage Your Host Files

CPanel is an easy user-interface site that lets you control your host account environment. The main peculiarity of this operating system is that it so simple to use that your below average computer user can’t mess it up. It’s got great features embedded into its panel and some of the features are listed below. Site Tools There are such tools available for your use, which are Web Protect (.htaccess editor), Custom error pages, Redirects, Ability to edit MIME types, Ability to edit Apache handlers, Install/Uninstall FrontPage Extensions, […]

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What Is Web Hosting?

wp1 1 200x200 - What Is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service provides a service that allows individuals and businesses to post web pages to the internet. A web hosting service provider sells or for free (with advertisements on the web page) is a business that provides the servers and technologies to view web-sites on the internet. Web hosting services are services that customers can utilize after they have purchased Cable or Fiber Optic broadband services that allow them access to the internet. Web hosting services use hosting and client architecture to load content to […]

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